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Installing the LogiTech QuickCam Pro 4000 camera

Perfect Interview includes an innovative "Video Capture" feature which allows you to use a digital video camera to record your responses to interview questions.  If you are using Perfect Interview with a LogiTech Quickcam video camera, the camera must be installed before installing Perfect Interview. 

To install the QuickCam camera, follow these steps:

1. Insert the LogiTech ImageStudio installation disk into your computer s CD-ROM drive

2. The installation program will start automatically. 

3. Select "Install/Modify Image Studio Software" 

4. Select the "Complete Installation" option to install the Camera Driver and other necessary software components.

5. Follow the on-screen directions to install the LogiTech software.

Please Note: if you encounter any problems while installing the software for the Logitech Camera, please contact Logitech Customer Support at (702) 269-3457, or visit their website at

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