The Job Seekers Toolkit

What is the Job Seekers Toolkit?

Perfect Interview Job Seekers Toolkit is an exciting suite of online tool that you can use to develop your job interviewing skills, create compelling resumes, create video resumes, and search for openings in your area.

With the Toolkit, you can:

  • Use Interview Coach to practice and develop your interview skills by viewing over 2,000 video clips of interview questions, answers and hints
  • Use Resume Creator to quickly create professional resumes that will get the employers attention
  • Use Video Resume to create and post your own video thirty second "commercial" highlighting your skills and abilities
  • Use the Job Search tool to search for hundreds of openings in your area

Why use the Job Seekers Toolkit?

It's a fact: poor interview performance is the number one reason for employer rejection. That's why you should use Interview Coach, included in the Job Seekers Toolkit, to prepare before you take the interview. Times are tough and the competition for good jobs is harder than every before. You need every advantage to get the job you want -- and the key to getting hired is a successful interview.

How do I get the Job Seekers Toolkit?

The Job Seekers Toolkit is available over the Internet right now. You can get a 30, 60 or 90 day subscription. Click here to find out more.