Changing the Way the World Gets Hired

We spend too much time sorting though resumes, doing multiple phone interviews, trying to pick the best candidates to meet with the hiring team.

But a resume is just a list of what the candidate has done and they're often enhanced by professional writers to show the candidate in the best light. The phone interview is an awkward, time consuming ritual which usually leads to even more phone interviews with other team members.

Finally, this vetting process leads to face to face interviews with the various stakeholders, and eventually (we hope) to a successful hire. All in all, it's not a very effective use of your time and resources.

The Interview Connect Solution

Here's our solution: instead of you working for the interview, why not make the interview work for you?

Step One

Perform a quick sort through the resumes to seperate the "maybes" from the "no ways."

Step Two

Invite everyone who survived the first cut to take a video interview with Interview Connect. Make it a simple, 10 question interview that almost anyone should be able to complete. You'll be suprised how many candidates will self-eliminate at this stage, saving you substantial time and effort.

Step Three

Review the video interviews of the candidates who did complete. Use our best of breed tools to sort, analyze, and pinpoint the very best candidates. Share these video interviews with all the stakeholders to quickly achieve a concensus. Now, you're ready to start the face to face round.

Getting Started

Getting started with Interview Connect is simple, whether you'e hiring two or two hundred people. It's a SaaS application with a fixed monthly fee regardless of the number of interviews you conduct. Let one of our hiring specialist help you determine if Interview Connect can cut the time and effort and cost of making your next hire.